Pleated skirts: casual and elegant stylings

One of spring’s biggest fashion trends this year is a pleated skirt. You should try wearing a plain shirt and a leather jacket to it and have a fabulous look guaranteed. It goes well with boots, sandals and high heels. With a pleated skirt, it is easy to create a stunning styling for a night-out and or for a casual afternoon walk.

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Wearing timeless black

We all love the colour black! Every year when the autumn and winter comes, the stores get filled with black jackets, shirts, jeans and accessories – of course it’s no news however it delights me every year the same way. Black has something magical for me, it suits almost every occasion and everyone looks good wearing it if it’s not overdosed. So how to wear black from head to the tiptoes and keep looking fashionable, feminine and sexy and not like a dull sack?

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