Wearing timeless black

We all love the colour black! Every year when the autumn and winter comes, the stores get filled with black jackets, shirts, jeans and accessories – of course it’s no news however it delights me every year the same way. Black has something magical for me, it suits almost every occasion and everyone looks good wearing it if it’s not overdosed. So how to wear black from head to the tiptoes and keep looking fashionable, feminine and sexy and not like a dull sack?

Your outfit will become more stylish once you dare to experiment a bit with different types of materials. For example, a denim skinny jeans with a thick knit sweater and a fur vest. The mix of fabrics in the same colour looks very stylish.

Also, in the fashion we like now to mix different cuts now. So you can consider styling together a very tight jeans with and oversized coat or the contrary, pick a tight t-shirt and wear it with bell bottoms trousers. This way your styling will be more intriguing.

If you want to look feminine and a little sexy then stick to simple cut dresses. Turtleneck, tight jeans and high heels – yes, these are simple things that give a big wow effect.

Black generally makes you look slimmer, but if you want to increase this effect, get yourself a belt to embrace and emphasise the waistline! The hottest trends this season are also the bells bottom trousers – the black ones with a high waistline will make your legs look optically longer and slimmer.

The colour black in fashion means to be whether elegant and chic or sporty and casual – do not stick with only one idea and start mixing styles! Try this look: the Ramones leather jacket that go with these elegant cigarillos and silk blouse. Or ripped jeans with a smart jacket, or an oversize sweatshirt with an imprint stylised with a pencil skirt. If everything is black, you cannot make too many mistakes, so do not be afraid of contrasts.

The best shoes to the total black outfit? The high heels obviously! Naturally, the sneakers or Chelsea boots will look great too. But there is something that always attracts me to the heels – the class, elegance and sex appeal! The classic choice are pointed black semi heels. This season, the knee boots are again extremely fashionable Their biggest advantage – very comfortable, perfect for a regular day at work.

When it comes to the make-up for the night-out in a black style, these two options are best suited to the black set. Very delicate make up eyes, preferably only mascara and dark maroon mouth. Or dark smokey-eyes makeup and nude lipstick. For a daily basis, opt for just a natural subtle makeup.

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