How to wear a floral blazer?

The flower blazer is an interesting piece of clothing that will refresh any styling. Flowers still remain fashionable and it has been this way for several seasons. They will make us look girly, charming and very summery! How to wear them?

Blazer in flowers – classic styling

If the top of your styling has a distinctive pattern, then you should go for a plain bottom. If you follow this rule, you will easily avoid the “disguise” effect, the accumulation of patterns and textures. At the same time you get a classic look. Large solid flowers blend perfectly with smooth textures. When choosing your shirt and trousers or skirt, choose the colours that appear on the jacket. The result will be an elegant coherent as a whole. If it comes to the accessories, it is better to go for less. A  delicate bracelet or a watch will be enough. In classic styling the rule is – the less the better.

Summer Floral Blazer

Blazer in flowers – how not to get “the effect of meadow”?

So 80's I have to like it! Like florals.

If you know how to play with textures and designs and combine with finesse the unconventional combinations – you can try the bold design. Flowers, stripes and tartans all together are a crazy idea and the end result can be overwhelming because it’s easy to overdo it. The same with only one pattern: if you put all the floral clothes you have at home together, then you will probably look like a meadow or a flowerbed. That is why thoughtfulness is important.

In love with this blazer and whole outfit in general.

Floral motifs are associated primarily with summer and spring, but there are no contraindications to introduce them also to winter-autumn styling. Blazer in warm tones combined with a long skirt, black classic Chelsea boots, timeless white shirt and big brimmed hat. Such styling is quite a bold combination, but at the same time very impressive. The hat can be replaced by a warm shawl loosely wrapped around the neck.

Lily Love Black Floral Draped Blazer by Style Elixir

The colour and size of the flower motif on the blazer is important. Large patterns add pounds and make look bigger. Only a person with a slim silhouette will look good in a jacket with huge flowers. The slimming effect can be achieved through a dark jacket with bright little flowers. There are several types of jackets that we can suitably fit to achieve the desired effect. The flower jacket is an interesting piece of clothing, which lets you go for many stylistic mixes.

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