How to choose the right jumper for your silhouette?

When the winter comes, I often think about how much winter clothes can deform the silhouette and make you feel less feminine. This is why I have prepared this short guide to the world of jumpers for different type of bodies. Now you will know which type of jumper suits you best.

The key to success, which is providing yourself with the warm yet still feminine look, is choosing the right type of the sweater to your silhouette. Even such a thick and loose thing like a jumper can underline the strengths of the body, hide its imperfections and balance the proportions. The core lies in knowing the silhouette, its dimensions, the distinguishing features of the different types of silhouette and the right clothes matching. Seems like a difficult task? Not that much, let’s talks about how to match the jumper to your body type.

How to choose a jumper to an hourglass silhouette?

Grey Cross Front Irregular Hem Jumper

The best jumpers for the hourglasses are those high-waisted ones or thinner, adjoining knit body. It is very important to have a well contoured shoulder line – the seam should not fall below the line of the silhouette. The shoulders are the strength of that type of body so it is worth underlining it. Hourglass can also opt for tunics, best tied with a thin belt combined with skinny jeans. I recommend choosing a jumper with a V-neckline (for ladies with larger bust) or rounded (for ones with smaller bust). Hourglass should never go for a turtleneck – it completely distorts the proportions of the figure.

I am an Apple

Oversized Comfy Sweater - BLUE ONE SIZE

Misses Apples should primarily choose jumper that are made of a delicate knitwear. A massive sweater will optically expand the upper part of the silhouette. Even though the best winter combination would be a blouse with a vest or knit jacket, the jumpers should be monochrome combinations or they can have visible prints. It is certainly best to go for the  round neckline.

What about Tubes?

Oversized sweater. Knit sweater. Black belt.

In this type of silhouette, the Tube, the main aim is to underline the waist and make the breast look larger. This way hips will look wider as well. It is best to go for these slightly wrinkled jumpers under the bust. However, the Tubes first of all should not be afraid of accessories nor jewellery! It helps make the waist look slimmer and more visible.

The Horns

Spring trends | Neutral V-neck sweater and a pair of denim shorts

This type of body primarily aims to the optical slimming of the arms and upper body parts. You must get rid of absolutely all turtlenecks and pullover jumpers. Also be careful with the sweaters which sleeves connect below the shoulder line – they will additionally optically widen the upper body parts. The Horns should go for jumpers with a V-neckline and underlining the waist.

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